Shipping Info

We have 3 options for you to choose from:


Benefits Negatives
DHL Fastest, insured Expensive
Courier Still quite fast, insured More pricey than postal service
Postal Service Cheap Slow and not insured

NB: FREE SHIPPING on all orders above €175.00




#️⃣1: Need it fast & insured?

Choose 👉 "DHL"

Our fastest and most secure delivery method. Completely insured. 


 Europe  1-3 working days * starting from €19.90
Outside EU  2-5 working days * starting from 26.90
USA  4-7 working days * starting from 27.90


*excluding processing times




#️⃣2: You can wait a little bit longer but need something less expensive?

Choose 👉 "Courier"

Your delivery is insured, shipping times much faster than the postal service and affordably priced.


 Europe  3-7 working days * starting from 7.99


*excluding processing times




#️⃣3: Time is not a priority,you do not need insurance but you need the cheapest option?

Choose 👉 "Postal Service"

Best suited for those who can wait for their orders, the cheapest and aimed for smaller orders. Please note, the delivery is not insured and thus not guaranteed. We cannot be held responsible for any issues.


 Europe  7-14 working days * starting from 5.50
Outside EU  7-21 working days * starting from 6.50
USA  7-21 working days * starting from 7.80


*excluding processing times