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We currently have two types of models, CLASSICO & NERO ELITE (Classic & Elite Black)



This is the classic version with the Quality sparkle and awesome price you know and love!

  • 16 - 14 Facets* (depending on size). Facets are the sides/ cuts of a gem/ rhinestone.
  • Most popular model used in the market
  • Perfect for someone looking for a high quality rhinestone while on a budget

Nero Elite / Elite Black

This is our newest model made for those looking for that extra edge on the competition.

  • Made from the same high quality materials as the 'Classico' but with a more sophisticated cut.
  • 16 facets ( 8 big and 8 small - creating a star)
  • Richer & more intense sparkle.
Nero Elite

Flat back / Fondo Piatto

This means the rhinestones have a flat back. There are pointed back rhinestones referred to 'Chatons' but are used mainly in jewellery.


Our rhinestones come in 4 types of colors:

  • Base color
  • AB
  • ​Metallic 
  • Mix 

Base Color

These are the standard single common colors.
Examples: Citrine (yellow), Crystal (clear/diamond), Sapphire (blue)


These are the base colors with a coating giving it an extra sparkle of a different color.

This either can add another dimension to the base colors or cocompletely change it

The co 'AB' coatings can vary between colors. Please refer to each color separately. 


Topaz AB
Crystal AB


These are rhinestones that have a metallic finish and unlike base colors are not transparent.

Examples: Hematite (silver), Jet Black (black), Aurum (gold) 



Jet Black




Unlike the base colors which are a single color, the rhinestones have a mix of colors.
Esempi: Mystic Purple, Rainbow

Mystic Purple

Rhinestones come in two types regarding their application. 

Hotfix and Non-Hotfix 


Heat activated glue has already been applied to the rhinestones and thus require heat for the application. 


Without glue. This means you will need to use your own glue to apply the rhinestones.
P.S - we will be supplying our own glue soon! 
Click here to be notified when!

Which one to choose? 

Our hotfix rhinestones can be used BOTH ways.
You can use a hotfix applicator or use your own glue - whichever technique you feel more comfortable with.

The potent glue used on our hotfix rhinestones will ensure to maximise the life of your outfit and give you peace of mind. 
MBut we do also offer non-hotfix, if you do need it. 


General Quality Grades of Rhinestones

Rhinestones can be roughly graded into 3 quality categories. 

  • Crystal Glass
  • Glass
  • Acrylic / Plastic

Naturallly, each category has its own varying levels due to different aspects such as: quality of material, precision of facets etc 

Crystal glass 

  • The highest quality mainly due to being made from 'Crystal Glass'. (this originally meant a mixture of glass and lead)
  • Very Expensive
  • Aimed for people that the cost is irrelevant to them. example: SS20 starting price from €70.00 - €100.00 for 10 gross.  

N.B: Unfortunately there are many products claiming to be crystal glass. Beware of claimed 'crystal' rhinestones that are considerably less expensive, they most probably fake. 


Acrylic / Plastic

  • Cheapest but also lowest quality
  • Minimal sparkle



More factors are involved in determining the quality of this category such as:

If they are machine cut = better , or molded, the quality of the glass used, the consistency of the facets, the quality of the coating used in the 'AB' versions etc.

Assuming the highest standard for all these factors, we can say that glass rhinestones are:

  • Seen as the perfect balance between quality and price.
  • Often half the price of 'crystal glass' rhinestones.
  • Superb sparkle, often comparable to 'crystal glass' rhinestones. 


LEOPARD STRASS rhinestones are:

  • Made from the Highest Quality Glass, ensuring the Highest Sparkle possible.
  • Machine cut - precise and consistent.
  • Highest Production Standards - only the best will be sent to our clients. 
  • Up to 54.5% less compared to 'crystal glass' types.
  • Thus giving you the opportunity to use more stones and sparkle even more.

Not to mention our clients benefit from our 100% Satisfied Guarantee, 24/48hr local deliveries

(or for the rest of Europe 3-5 days) and our Personalized & Professional Service

"We are here to help you Shine and Sparkle like a Champion!"



Rhinestones sizes are referred to as "SS" which stands for "Stone Size".

Below is a reference of the more common sizes.

Quantity and Packs

We offer our rhinestones in the following standard packs.
1 gross = Approx. 144 pieces




SS6 + SS10 + SS16 + SS20 
10 Gross pack / Approx. 1440 pcs
2 Gross pack / Approx. 288 pcs

1 Gross pack / Approx. 144 pcs


Sew-on Stones

Can be purchased per piece or as a box. Each size and model has its own quantites for box purchases.
Save 15% for box purchases compared to per piece