Authorized Reseller Introduction

Our Company Mission is simple:



We want to provide Anyone the Opportunity to

SHINE like the Champions



This means for the customer we aim to offer the Highest Quality Rhinestone possible at Affordable Prices. 

Founded by a dancer in 2015, LEOPARD STRASS has been created with fellow dancers, artists, athletes and performers in mind. 

Originally born in Italy, LEOPARD STRASS distributes worldwide and has another branch in South Africa. 

Why Collaborate?

Our purpose with these collaborations is naturally, we desire to make our products easily accessible but more importantly in increasing more hands of creatives who will continue to produce breathtaking creations.

In saying this, for our collaborators there is much on offer with no risk at all. 

We are offering many business strategies for all different types of people and businesses to team up with LEOPARD STRASS

Here are some examples :

The Dancer

who needs to generate an extra source of income can easily promote and sell to their friends and family 

The Dance Mother

who wishes to support her child's creative career can also promote and sell to her fellow colleagues making extra income. But also the advantage that she and her child will have LEOPARD STRASS Rhinestones at the discounted price! Giving them more sparkles, more shine and more savings


The Atelier, Dressmaker, Costume Designer (fill in the blank)

can too generate extra profit by being able to give their clients a fantastic quality and branded rhinestone but at a lower price. Then earning on each sale and also reducing the cost of their creations thus being more competitive in their markets.

With our growing community, we often advertise and do advertising collaborations which will funnel many future customers to your businesses. 

The Business, Online Stores or

whoever that has the same customers as ours but offer a complimentary product or service, can greatly benefit from the increased exposure from our advertising and of course our attractive discount margins. 

With our growing community, we often advertise and do advertising collaborations which will funnel many future customers to their businesses. 


These are just some, 

And we are open to new collaboration ideas too! Share it with us and we will gladly be open to it!


Our end goal with this collaboration is to form a relationship that provides you the Reseller with so many benefits that will encourage you to continue to sell, promote and love our products as much as we do...LONG TERM!


An overview:

For you the collaborator, LEOPARD STRASS is offering:


  • Personal Discount Rate – All of our products at an enticing discounted price which means each sale is extra cash to you and your business.
  • Fast deliveries available - you are able to receive your order in 24-48 hours which entails very fast turnaround times for you and your customers
  • Flexible & Simple Exchange Program* – incorrect or unused items may be easily exchanged rendering a flexible and stress-free ordering process for you and your customer.
  • International Wide Exposure – once certified, you will be included into our advertising. Every business needs more exposure!
  • Expert Consultants – we have various experts that will assist you and also your client if needed/required, in directing you the best possible solution for your needs.
  • Dropshipping Available – an option to have your customers orders sent directly from us to them. This means quicker times and no need to hold stock.


For your customers, your collaboration with LEOPARD STRASS would offer:

  • High Quality Rhinestones at the Best prices -  Exceptional quality if not comparable to the industry’s leader in quality ‘Swarovski’ but up to 50% less in price. 
  • Discounted Prices compared to Retail – Your customers would receive a discount for ordering directly from you. 
  • Flexible & Simple Exchange Program – same benefits for your client as mentioned above.
  • For dressmakers / Ateliers / Creators – Being substantially more economical, you will be able to offer your client a more affordable outfit while maintaining high quality standards. This will render your customer more satisfied and possibly the opportunity to be able to use more rhinestones or order more outfits/ creations. 


We have created an increasing popular brand not only in Italy and Europe but in South Africa as well. 

Apart from the advantages and benefits mentioned above, an organic & loyal customer base and followers has been established which have benefited our collaborators for being part and associated with LEOPARD STRASS. 


Every healthy relationship depends on the exchange of value to each other. 

Although we do not require a minimum order quantity, your personalized discount is dependent on the amount of sales you make and the amount of publicity / advertising is done. 

Remember our aim is to get our fabulous stones in the most hands possible, we want to see beautiful creations being made and dreams being achieved!

So helping us achieve this either via selling or by promoting, will give us the most value. 

If you think you meet the requirements and would be interested in a collaboration with LEOPARD STRASS,

please click the button bellow!