Termini e condizioni del servizio

The terms and conditions of sale for purchases on the Leopard Strass online site.


1. The relationship between the Customer and Leopard Strass

The terms and conditions governing the sale of "correspondence" goods to Leopard Strass are governed by DLgs 206 of 2005 (CD Code of Consumption), in particular by the rules relating to the conclusion of "Remote Contracts" by telemarketing , and the subsequent modifications and integrations carried out by the law.
For all that is not expressly indicated in the Consumption Code refer to the general provisions of the Civil Code.
The aforementioned terms and conditions apply to all individuals who purchase items on Leopard Strass, both online and by email or telephone.

2. Acceptance of Terms and Conditions

The terms and conditions must be accepted by the Customer prior to the conclusion of an order on the website www.leopardstrass.it
By accepting the terms and conditions of the Customer from, your consent to the application of the rules therein specified in the contractual relationship.

3. Stipulation of the contract

The online purchase agreement between the Customer and Leopard Strass is intended to be completed with the receipt of the order by online purchase, sending of e-mail or telephone.
If you choose a check, Paypal or bank transfer as a method of payment, the Customer undertakes to pay within 7 (seven) days from the end of the contract (sending the order), as the cancellation of the order is executed.
In case of payment on the mark, the same must be done in the hands of the courier at the time of delivery of the article.
Leopard Strass undertakes to ship the item ordered within 30 (thirty) days from the day following the order, by means of packing material to the courier for delivery. Once this term has been terminated without the item being shipped, the Customer is free to withdraw from the contract.

4. Prices

Prices of items are understood to include I.V.A. and refer to Final Consumer Customers.
Public prices and retailers may vary as a result of promotions and offers made by Leopard Strass and for a limited duration of one over time.
If the customer has a coupon code that is entitled to a discount, the same should be used before completing the order so that the final price is discounted.

5. Articles

Leopard Strass's online shop is made up of decorative articles, STONES, STRASS, PORCELAIN AND MACHINERY
It is possible to customize the items by choosing the color and size, by purchasing a quantity to be agreed by e-mail or by telephone.
The articles on the Leopard Strass site are described in the appropriate pages with the original photographs, the description and the sale price.
Each item identifies the identifier, color, size, and pattern.
The colors of articles can undergo variations due to changes in production and is inevitable.


In the event an item is no longer available for sale and its assessment has only occurred after the order of the Customer, Leopard Strass will notify you by email or by telephone with the repayment of any sums you may have paid.
The immediate availability of items varies depending on the type, size, color, type of rhinestone or stone and quantity.
Unavailable items have an option to enable a service that will alert the customer as soon as they become available again. The waiting time may vary by item and quantity.

7 Shopping Modes

The items displayed on Leopard Strass can be purchased in 3 (three) modes.
Purchase online by telematic procedure
Customer can make the purchase by choosing the desired item and adding the quantity to the cart. You do not need to register on the site. Recording is useful only in order to indicate your billing and shipping data and then uploading them at the time of purchase instead of inserting them into each new order.
Customer can send an e-mail to info@leopardstrass.com indicating the item you intend to purchase, quantity, shipping and billing information and payment method
Leopard Strass will send an e-mail confirming receipt of the order, accompanied by the payment request.
Purchased by telephone call
The customer can purchase the items by calling the phone number indicated on the site at the Contact item and providing all the information needed to complete the order.
In any case, it is necessary to send a subsequent order summary email, as set out in point (2)

8. Payment Methods

The payment methods accepted by Leopard Strass are as follows:
The easiest and safest way to pay for your purchases.
You can pay with Paypal in complete peace of mind without your knowledge of Leopard Strass or third parties and comfortably from home. Once you have completed the order on Leopard Strass, wait while you will be redirected within 10 seconds to the Paypal site where you will be able to pay.
Credit or debit card through the PayPal site
Payment can be made with any credit or debit card of Visa and Mastercard (including PostePay and other prepaid cards) through the PayPal site, without an open PayPal account and without payment of any commission.
Bank transfer
If you choose the bank transfer, the shipment of the goods is subject to the advance credit of the order amount.
To view the evasion times, we recommend sending a scanned copy and bank transfer authorization document via email.


It is possible to pay at the time of delivery of the item directly to the cashier, with a deposit of 10% (on the total order) before shipment, the remaining amount will be paid upon delivery of the order by hand from the courier.
If the order is not delivered or withdrawn due to the Customer, the deposit will not be refunded.
Marking service is available for orders of up to € 500.00 and not lower than € 80.00

9. Order processing times

Orders that have items with immediate availability are normally filed the day after the receipt of the order of the Customer.
Orders that have items with immediate availability are only processed after Leopard Strass has entered the ordered item.
It is possible that there are any delays that can not be attributed to Leopard Strass and are dependent on the non-availability of the item at our factory.